+ I sure seem to be seeing that 'loading' spinner a lot. Why?

FantasyGram is without doubt video-intensive, and that means data-intensive as well as bandwidth-intensive. Because we don't clutter up your device storage with a lot of video clips, the vast majority of what FantasyGram serves up is downloaded from and uploaded to the Cloud. It's best to run FantasyGram with solid Broadband WiFi... but if you're patient, it'll still work well with 4G/LTE and even 3G. Even DSL WiFi, if you insist!

+ How long will it take for my recordings to appear?

Video editing is not trivial, and takes some processing time. The good news is we don't use your device's horsepower for this! A three-minute interview will typically take 5 to 10 minutes for us to edit, but when our servers get slammed we do our best to make sure they're available within an hour. If you don't see them show up within a couple hours, and you're confident your Internet connectivity is good, give us a holler.

+ I don't see anything under "Recordings." What's up?

Once you complete an interview, you'll see Recordings listed. Recordings are the fully-edited and shareable products of your Interviews.

+ I unlocked "Messages", but don't see anything.

The Messaging service will send you direct messages from the Pros you've unlocked several times a week, starting the day after you unlock MESSAGES. Stand by!

+ How long will you retain files in my account?

FantasyGram runs season-to-season. So this season's files will stay in your account until the current player contracts expire. This is typically the second week of March, so you have until then to download your Recordings.

+ What happens if I cancel a recording?

If you touch Cancel while your Recording is processing (the screen after you complete your interview), we will delete all of the clips associated with that interview. It takes a few minutes for that to propagate through our servers, though, since they're working on building your Recording, so that specific Recording won't immediately disappear.

+ What happens when I delete finished recordings?

If you touch DELETE after opening the details of a specific Recording, we immediately remove both your Recording and all the clips associated with it.

+ What happens when I delete my account?

When you delete your account, everything you've created with FantasyGram will vanish and will not be recoverable.

+ Can anybody else see what I recorded?

All of your interview clips and Recordings are private until you share them. We do have the capability, at your request, to review your clips and recordings to troubleshoot issues you report. Otherwise, have no fear. No one will be looking at your stuff.

+ I did a killer interview recording. Wanna see it?

We'd love to. Once you post it to FB, share it on our FB page. If we love it, we'll even post it to our YouTube channel!

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