FantasyGram is designed to be a way for you, a Fantasy Football team owner, to share about your team, your strategy and more on video while giving the illusion that you're being interviewed by football stars.

The contents of the current week's interview are displayed on your mobile device along with a video greeting from a pro football personality. When you're ready to begin your interview, the user experience alternates between playback of the interview questions posed by the celebrity personality and responses recorded by YOU, the fantasy team owner- the real star of the interview. 

Your completed "interviews" are then edited together and saved to the cloud.



Brian talks strategy with Doug Baldwin.

Time to spill some of your secrets on strategy. How are you planning to catch up to the league leader? Or maintain your lead if you’re on top? How are you going to squeeze more wins out of your lineup?

But it doesn't have to be all work and no play. FantasyGram gives the appearance that you're chatting it up with the pros like it's a commercial break on Sunday afternoon....

Tell me the truth. Is football your favorite sport? If not, man, why the heck not? You got something better!?

Keepin' it light with Michael Bennett, AKA "Black Santa."